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Venue finding across the UK & Ireland for your event was hopefully easier with our interactive venue search. We would be interested in finding out more about your venue search experience, which may help future event planners locate their corporate venue, private venue or their party venue.

On this page you can leave us a comment, an opinion on our venue search engine, or lake a suggestion on how we could improve our venue finding service.

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From: Harry Balszac

16-07-2013 - 14:20:55

This site sucks. Really, really sucks.

From: Micky Rolling     From Company:

10-08-2010 - 13:07:21

This is shite. Really shite.

From: Pete

19-05-2010 - 14:37:37

This site is rubbish.

From: Tony     From Company:

19-01-2010 - 15:43:40

I found interesting venues with your website... thanks

From: Alfred Pickering

21-08-2009 - 11:37:38

I think your sevice needs imporving, I tried to find a venue through your site, and it tole me there were no venue that matched my criteria - the fields I entered were:
Small wedding/aniversary
51-100 people

I am only tryin to be helpfull, your site seems to need som work. Ofcourse there is the possibility that I have amde a grave error, in which case I apologise.


Alfred Pickering

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