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Venue finding - venue and is part of the SGEE-UltimateVenue group. Both these websites provide online venue search services for private events and corporate events throughout the UK & Ireland.

On-line venue finding services deliver better results because event planners can locate UK venues and Irish venues using interactive venue search criteria. UltimateVenue will help you find the best venues in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Whether you are a private individual looking party venue for your birthday, or a wedding planner looking for a romantic wedding venues, or a society searching for a big venue to hold a charity event, the Private Section makes venue finding easy and stress-free!...

Corporate event planners will find UK venues like meeting rooms, auditoriums, business centres, country houses & hotels for internal purposes (seminars, board meetings, AGM's, Christmas parties, summer parties...) or big venues, unusual venues, halls and historical palaces for external communication events (product launches, conferences...). Fashion & design companies will find galleries, lofts & designer venues for their showcases and showrooms. Photographers & film producers will find sets for their shoots.

Thanks to our experience in running and scouting for venues in several countries, we are proud to give event planners an interactive tool to find venues in any location and for any kind of event.

We endeavour to make the venue search process an easy and efficient step in your event organisation, and as such we would be interested to get your feedback. Please feel free to give us your testimonial or send us your comments by e-mail.

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