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  Ultimate Venue: Terms & Conditions of Use
All users of shall agree to the following terms and conditions prior to using this website.

1. Definitions
In these terms and conditions, "us/we/our" shall refer to Ultimate Venue (part of SGEE Group). The user shall be referred to by "you/your/yourself". Website means, or any other of our affiliated websites. Venues listed on this website shall be referred to as "venue providers".


2. Access and Content
We endeavour to maintain full access to the website at all times, but occasional technical failures and maintenance may cause temporary and limited unavailability of our website. Moreover, we reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate access to our website at any time. Access is free of charge and unlimited for the end user. Venue providers can create and manage their own accounts to list their venues on our website. Venue managers are solely responsible for the quality of information and accuracy of detail given in their venue descriptions. We reserve the right to change, modify, suspend or remove all content on this website. We cannot be held responsible for the content and services of other URL's linked to our website. You agree not to use this website unlawfully or in such a way that hinders its accessibility.


3. Intellectual Property
Ultimate Venue is a registered trademark and the contents of this website and its affiliates is protected by copyright. No unauthorised copying or printing is permitted, unless stated otherwise. Venue providers and/or third parties may also have protected material on this website, which must be respected likewise.


4. Liability
Ultimate Venue cannot be held responsible for the misuse of this website by third parties. We cannot be held responsible for the contents displayed by the venue or service providers listed on our website. You agree to take full responsibility in evaluating products and services proposed by venue providers and third parties on this website. You agree that we cannot be held responsible for problems arising in contracts signed between yourself and venue providers and/or third parties found on this website.


5. Personal Data & Privacy Policy
You may be asked to provide your personal details when you contact venue providers on this website. This ensures proper feedback and direct contact with venue managers. You must ensure that details given are accurate and up-to-date. You cannot give unlawful, harmful or offensive details. You must ensure that material you upload is free from viruses and contains no illegal or offensive content. Your personal details will be handled by us with utmost care and in compliance with current legislation. We may use these details to enhance your future visits (cookies) and provide faster and better service. Your details may be leased or made available to sister companies and/or trustworthy third parties linked to our business. Should Ultimate Venue be sold or integrated with another company, your details shall be passed on to the new owners. If you wish us not to use your personal details in the future, please notify us (


6. Change of Terms
We reserve the right to modify, complete or remove the above terms and conditions, within 3 days notice. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the new terms and conditions. Each provision of these terms and conditions remains independent of another's modification or removal.


7. Jurisdiction
In case of litigation, these terms shall be governed by the Law in the place of registration of our company.

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