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1) How to search a venue on, With you will find, in 3 quick steps, the best venues for your professional (congress, meeting, seminar, conference, product launch, dinner, cocktail, show, exhibition, trade fair, showroom…) or private (wedding, birthday, party, dinner, family reunion...) events.
The venue search is carried out as follows:
* On the Homepage, choose your profile : PROFESSIONAL or PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL


* Choose the county or city of your choice. If you wish to search all the county, choose the county first, then "All cities". You can choose up to 3 counties and/or cities.
* Choose the number of people expected for the event. If you want to know how many people you can put in a given venue, click on HELP at the bottom of the page. * Click on "Go to Step 2"


* Choose the type of event that you are organising. If you don't have a specific event in mind, or if you want a bigger selection of venues, choose "All types of events".
* Choose the type of venue you are looking for. If you don't have a specific type of venue in mind, or if you want a bigger selection of venues, then tick "All types of venues".
* If you don't want an imposed catering service, tick "Catering free". All venues with their own compulsory catering services will then be left out of your search.
* If you only want venues with promotions, tick "Venues with promotions".
* Before clicking on "Search", you can check the number of venues per style.


* Here you will find a list of venues corresponding to you search criteria. Click on a venue's name to access it's description page, where you will get full contact and technical details on the venue.
* You can make your own venue selection by: ceither going each venue's description page and clicking on the "Add to your selection" button, either by ticking the boxes next to each venue's name in the results list, and then clicking "Obtain a free quotation".

2) What's the difference between "Quick search" and "Detailed search" ?

If you already know the name of the venue you are looking for, use the "Quick search". In one click, you will access it's description page. If you want a detailed search, using specific criteria, choose your profile ("Professional" or "Private individual") and let yourself be guided, step by step.

3) What are the "Promotions" ?

At Step 2, ticking "Venues with promotions" will list all venues within your search, which have promotions on their services.

4) What does "Catering free" mean ?

Some venues have their own catering services, which are exclusive (mentioned for each venue). If you already have your caterer, or you want to be free to choose, tick "Catering free" at Step 2 of the venue search.

5) How do you get your venue listed on this web-site ?

You run a venue and you wish to be listed on this web-site, then click on "Venue providers" on the Homepage, then fill in your form. Our sales team will contact you shortly afterwards.

6) How do you calculate the number of people you can put in a venue ?

Here are some indications on how to calculate the number of people you can fit into a given space:
* Cocktail: count 0.7 - 1m2 per person
* Dinner: count 1 - 2m2 per person
* Conference, theatre style: 1m2 per person + aisle and stage
* Conference, classroom style: 1m2 per person + aisle and stage
* Conference, boardroom style: 2.5m2 per personne

7) How to comment on a venue:
The comments you leave are greatly appreciated. They are an important tool by which we can obtain an understanding of the quality of the service offered by our venues, and the accuracy of their descriptions.
In order to help us maintain a professional service, please leave a summary of your experience in using our venues, by following the guidelines below:

* Only leave a comment if you have personally visited the venue.
* Don't leave a message directly for the venue provider, you will not receive a response.
* Do not leave any comment which could be perceived as offensive.
* Do not respond to or discuss any other comments.
* This space is not to be used for any form of advertising.

You are informed that UltimateVenue reserves the right to remove any material which we believe breaches the above set of guidelines.
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